KCN Anti-Slip Floors:
Less lashing, more driving

Safety is important. But load securing costs time – time that your employees could better use for further journeys. Time that costs you money as an entrepreneur.


A simple way to make your fleet safer and more efficient, and already appreciated by industry leaders, are KCN Anti-Slip Floors.

Muster-Platten Antirutschboden KCN 01, KCN 13 und KCN 09
The advantages:
  •     Loading with load closure at right angles to the direction of travel can be partly omitted. Time saving!
  •     Anti-slip mats are no longer necessary on the floor – thus reducing the risk of accidents for your employees. Safety and time savings!
  •     Load safety through belts can largely be omitted. Time saving!
  •     High coefficient of sliding friction of up to µ = 0.8 (wooden pallet)
  •     Certified by DEKRA according to VDI 2700, Sheet 14
  •     Proven in a long-term test with the Fraunhofer Institute IML
  •     Eligible with up to 80% De-minimis
  •     Costs for lashing material and anti-slip mats can be saved considerably
  •     Lashing is usually carried out only against tipping and gliding
  •     KCN-01 and KCN-13 can be driven on with industrial trucks/fork lift
  •     Reduces the risk of accidents for employees
  •     Can neither be forgotten nor stolen

I save up to 10 min. when loading!!

Manfred | Trucker

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