KCN Anti-Slip Floors:
Less lashing, more driving

Time is money, especially in the transport industry. However, despite a ticking clock, strickt legal requirements must be observed as to how the load is to be secured against slipping. For the protection of the driver, the safety of other road users and also for the protection of the transported goods. If you don’t want to carry out lengthy lashing actions, you can rely on Anti-Slip Floors from KCN.


KCN Anti-Slip Floors are the simple, efficient and time-saving solution for all types of load securing. In combination with wooden pallets, the specially coated floors have such a high frictional resistance that the goods are only loaded into the truck and considerably fewer lashing measures are required. For example, lashing belts are usually only used when preventing tipping or moving of goods.

Muster-Platten Antirutschboden KCN 01, KCN 13 und KCN 09
The Advantages:
  • Loading with load closure at right angles to the direction of travel can be partly omitted. Time saving!
  • Anti-slip mats are no longer necessary on the floor – thus reducing the risk of accidents for your employees. Safety and time savings!
  • Load safety through belts can largely be omitted. Time saving!
  • High coefficient of sliding friction of up to µ = 0.8 (wooden pallet)
  • Certified by DEKRA according to VDI 2700, Sheet 14
  • Proven in a unique long-term test with the Fraunhofer Institute IML
  • Eligible with up to 80% De-minimis
  • Costs for lashing material and anti-slip mats can be saved considerably
  • Lashing is usually carried out only against tipping and gliding
  • KCN-01 and KCN-13 can be driven on with industrial trucks/fork lifts
  • Reduces the risk of accidents for employees
  • Can’t be forgotten nor stolen

Saves a lot of time when loading!

Manfred | Trucker

KCN Coating:
The seamless protective coating

Due to their outstanding properties, these synthetics can be used in a variety of applications. Whether industry, architecture, transport vehicles, pick-up and off-road sports or boats and accessories – our coating fit everywhere.


For commercial vehicles alone, there are numerous possibilities for maintaining the material and visual value: the seamless application of the coating prevents rust and scratches, among other things, and is also suitable for transporting food.

Can’t Do – Won’t Do:
Application possibilities

The application possibilities of our coating are almost unlimited.


Whether paint, metal, wood, concrete, GRP or polystyrene, the substrate is irrelevant. Due to direct spraying and drying within a few seconds, our coating is virtually independent of shape. Applications range from pick-up and food transport to loudspeakers and architectural design.

Cleaned immediately, closing time!

Udo | Bäcker

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